My London Escorts Success Story

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You should not let anything in life hold you back. Well, at least that is what my grandma keeps telling me. She is one of these super energetic ladies who you can’t stop and she just keeps on going. I guess that she is right, however, these days unless you are academically gifted, it may not be so easy for a girl to make money. But, that does not mean I did try to educate myself.

I went to college, but found I could not handle to the exams, so I jumped shipped at started to work as a stripper instead. After about a year, I ran into a gent who thought that I would do well working for a London escorts service. Little did I know that he owned an elite charlotte escorts service.I was not sure that escorting was going to be for me. At the time, I was doing really well at the strip club and was a little bit reluctant to give it all up to go and work for London escorts. I had built up rather a following at the club, and some of the gents even used to take me for drinks and dinners.

When I think about it now, I was in fact doing very much what many London escorts do. I was escorting businessmen and going out to dinner with them without getting paid for the pleasure.

Anyway, Jonathan who owned this particular London escorts thought that I had the “right charms” as he called it, and talked me into working for London escorts part-time. It was a little bit nerve wracking for the first couple of weeks, but after that I started to enjoy working for London escorts.

I could see that I was doing okay so I gave up stripping and went work for Jonathan full-time. It is now three years later, and I am still working for London escorts. In many ways, I have totally surprised myself. Do I still enjoy it? I love it and I am enjoying at the same time. During my time at London escorts, I have seen a lot of girls come and go. Some girls only get involved in escorting because they would like to make money. That does not work at all. I get a kick out of what I do at the escort agency and that is why I do well. How long am I going to stay on with London escorts?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. At the moment everything is fine because I still enjoy my job. Like other girls, I have got my own little black book which is full of gents who I see on a regular basis. Working for London escorts is not a million miles away from stripping. You do actually build up your own personal fan club if you like, and that is what makes working for London escorts so special. If you can do that, you will be a success story.

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