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I have always been a romantic at heart and believed in love. But, I have to admit that the experience love at first sight has always eluded me. I have never met a guy that I fell in love with instantly. Most of my girlfriends seemed to have had the experience, but I never had the experience of falling head over heels in love with a guy straight away. Rather the opposite use to happen, it used to take me ages to get to know a guy.


It is not that I do not enjoy male company. I love being around men, and I get real kick out of my job here at Cheap London escorts from Most of the guys, or gents, that I date at London escorts are really nice, and I have never met a guy that I have not liked in one form or another. But, that feeling of love at first sight still seems to be missing out of my life. Perhaps it is not for me, and I must admit that I feel a bit jealous of some of my friends at London escorts who seem to be able to have experienced it. rather relationships where we have hotels we book for great sex.


When I speak to my gents here at London escorts, it is clear that they have not experienced the feeling neither. I am not so sure that guys actually fall head in heels in love at all. Most of my dates at London escorts say that they may meet a woman they really fancy, but none of them seemed to have fallen in love instantly. A lot of it is has to do with physical attraction. I have a certain image of my dream man in my head, and so far he has not turned up at London escorts or anywhere else for that matter. I would love to meet him just so that I can say that I have had the experience of love at first sight.


Some of the gents that I date at London escorts are very disappointed in love. They seem to have been through a lot of relationships and never been able to find the right girl for them. I know what they mean. Finding the right person is not easy at all. The more I talk to my dates at London escorts, I doubt that I am ever going to be able to find the right man. It is not the men themselves, it is just me I think. Thinking about it. I may be way too fussy when it comes to finding the right guy. Like one of my London escorts dates said recently, setting your sights too high does not do you any good at all.


I know what he means and I often think this is what I have been doing for a long time now. Perhaps I should lower my expectations and realize that Mr Perfect is not available. When I look at the gents that I meet up with at London escorts, I realize that many of them are okay. They may not be perfect, but who is actually perfect in the first place. Seriously, I think that I should take a second look at my dates at London escorts, and ask myself if Mr Right is not there after all. It would be so romantic if he was…

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