My girlfriend is the kinkiest girl that I have ever gone out with in that last few years. What I did not realise when we initially met was that she worked for a London escorts. It was not until we had been dating for about three weeks that she told me that she worked for a very exclusive London escorts service. I must admit that I had been wondering where she went to late at night, and I was surprised when I found out. She just struck me as being too sophisticated to work for a London escorts agency.

My friends say that I have been looking a little bit tired lately, and even my mom has been a bit concerned about my health. When I come home for my traditional Sunday dinner every weekend, my mom has been telling me that I look a bit “peaky” as she likes to say. The problem is that my girlfriend does not finish her London escorts shift until late and I often wait for her. When she comes home from London escorts, she is normally as horny as hell and likes to have sex with me.

It is not the average sort of sex that I am used to. I don’t know if it has anything to do with London escorts, but the truth is that my girlfriend is really into kinky sex. Her bedside drawer is packed out with kinky sex toys and she loves to go to work on me using sex toys. I keep on wondering if other guys who date London escorts go through the same kind of experience. In that case, I would love to ask them how they cope with their London escorts girlfriends.

What worries me the most is that my girlfriend likes to tie me up. She has this thing about bondage and it has taken me some time to get used to her kinky ways. Do I enjoy it? I think that this is a relationship that I have rather rushed into, but I must admit that I am getting a kick out of it. If my friends knew what is going on in my bedroom, I am sure that they would end up pretty jealous of me.

Do we have a future? Well, this is the first time I have dated a girl who works for a London escorts agency and I am not sure that it is for every guy. You can only call dating a London escorts a highly unusual dating choice. There are probably lots of men out there who would love to date London escorts but not sure if it is for them. I am not really 100 percent certain it is for me neither, but I am going to make the most out of it. If our relationship ends, I will have a lot of special memories that are not exactly run of the mill if you know what I mean.

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